Wild goats are causing traffic prblems. | Michels

Wild goats have yet again become a real problem in Andratx not only for the neighbourhood, but also for drivers.

Numerous groups of goats have been invading verges, roads and even private gardens in search of food and water, especially in the whole area between Camp de Mar and Puerto Andratx.
Some homeowners have fenced off their gardens with to prevent these animals from destroying their gardens and plants.

With the high summer temperatures and the lack of water, the goats are even drinking out of swimming pools to quench their thirst.
As for the measures taken by several neighbours to install electric fence, some locals consider the response to be animal abuse.

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“We have invaded their habitat and now we are suffering the consequences”, said a hiker in the area of Cala Blanca in Camp de Mar.
A month ago, the Town Hall stated that “a company will control the proliferation of these animals and will act in different areas”.

Even so, according to local residents, many are still waiting to see any sign of action.

The vegetation in Mallorca supports surprisingly few land animals. The smallest include field mice, rats, rabbits and wood shrews while the largest are civet cats and a rare wild goat. The island is home to over 300 endemic species of animals, the most famous are the lizards that populate the island of Dragonera.