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Brits apparently want to integrate more.

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Britons don't want to live surrounded by expats in Mallorca

“So if our data is anything to go by, perhaps Brits aren’t looking to establish Little England abroad, after all.”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter11/09/2023 13:29

Mallorcans at the voting poll last weekend


Can't vote anywhere!

I think that as a resident who has lived here for 33 years and pays taxes here in Spain but does not want to give up my British citizenship I should be able to vote.

Richie Prior28/07/2023 11:05

Some Britons can't get enough of British food.

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Britons can’t get enough crumpet in Mallorca

The best-selling British biscuit was McVitie’s Ginger Nuts.

Humphrey Carter25/07/2023 13:28

Driving in Mallorca


Britons lost in Mallorca

One thing is promoting British business in Spain, but I thought the Foreign and Commonwealth Office also looked after Britons living in Spain.

Humphrey Carter21/07/2023 12:34

Sir Roger Gale wants the UK to mend bridges with Europe.

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“Brexit is done. What the UK needs now is a more pragmatic leader to rebuild the bridges with Europe”

"The country is going to need a team player, a grown-up politician who understands diplomacy, understands the world and is prepared to have a sensible and adult relationship on the international stage. We need a safe pair of hands.”

Humphrey Carter16/07/2022 09:54