The scene of the tragedy. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The mother of the baby abandoned and killed in Porto Cristo is to be remanded in custody, without bail, and has been accuses of murder.

The Manacor judge has also sent a second person to prison, her brother-in-law, who is also charged with murder.
The third person arrested has been provisionally released with precautionary measures.

The three people arrested appeared in court this morning following their arrest for their involvement in the death of a baby which was abandoned in a waste bin.

The National Police reported that the deceased baby, abandoned in a waste container in Porto Cristo, was born in a car and was thrown into the container despite the fact that they were less than 500 metres from a hospital.

According to the National Police in Manacor, the events took place last Thursday, at around 5.50 p.m., after receiving several emergency calls alerting them that a baby had been thrown into a rubbish container.

Patrols from the National Police and the Manacor Local Police went to the scene and found that a newborn baby girl wrapped in clothes inside the container.

A Local Police patrol took the baby to a nearby hospital.
Meanwhile, National Police patrols cordoned off the area, protecting the scene and collecting information from witnesses, as well as the first information about what happened.

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The Judicial Police group of the National Police in Manacor took charge of the investigations, carrying out a visual inspection together with police forensics and taking witness statements.

The agents found out that a car occupied by at least two people had come to the place, and that one of them had thrown the baby into the container. Initially, the investigations suggested that the man had dropped the placenta on the ground when he approached the containers and that he threw the baby in a second attempt.

After several investigations, it was discovered that three people were inside the car, which turned out to be the mother and relatives of the newborn baby.

The agents found out that the mother felt unwell and that two relatives went to pick her up at her home. The three then got into the car, in which the woman gave birth, and then stopped next to some containers, the man throwing the baby inside, despite the fact that a hospital was less than 500 metres from where they were.

The police set up an operation around the suspects and last Friday night they proceeded to arrest the mother.
She was suffering from internal bleeding and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital, where she was admitted under police custody.

The following day, continuing with the operation, the other woman and the man were arrested and the car was also located that same night.

The car was taken to police headquarters for inspection, as the mother allegedly gave birth inside.
In the absence of the autopsy results, the main hypothesis being considered is that the baby was alive - because she had head trauma.

The police have praised the collaboration of the general public and the doctors and, with regard to the latter, have highlighted the account of a doctor who warned the police of a woman with suspicious behaviour whose description coincided with the details of the mother of the deceased baby.