Son Vida, known for its luxury properties. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A 21-year-old Spanish man was arrested by the National Police last week as part of an eviction process from a three-million-euro property in Son Vida (Palma).

A year or so ago, he moved into the house, which is owned by a company. As there wasn't an alarm system, he had one installed. He also hired a woman who cleaned the chalet of one of the neighbours.

At the end of June, he and his partner and young daughter went to the Safari Zoo in Sa Coma. The girl was taken by a pony. So some time later, he stole the pony, put it into a van and drove it to Son Vida. A few days later, he was arrested by the Guardia Civil for the theft.

He then stole a pit bull from a woman who was walking the dog in Palma but then returned it after receiving threats from the woman's relatives. In the meantime, the National Police had arrested him for stealing the dog.

The police have now arrested him again.