Increasing the speed limit was a Partido Popular election pledge. | MDB

The speed limit on the Via Cintura in Palma, currently 80 kilometres per hour, will be increased to 100 km/h from December 18. There will be two exceptions - the Genova tunnel and the Can Blau roundabout - where for safety reasons the 80 limit will be maintained.

In making this announcement on Wednesday, the Council of Mallorca's councillor for mobility, Fernando Rubio, explained that studies have shown that increasing the limit will save fuel and reduce pollution.

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These studies also indicate that the Via Cintura is the motorway with the lowest accident rate in Mallorca. It is therefore considered appropriate to increase the limit.

Rubio added that there have been recommendations for resurfacing which will reduce traffic noise by two to three decibels. Acoustic panels will be installed along some sections.

Increasing the limit was a Partido Popular pledge for the elections in May this year. The previous administration reduced it from 120 km/h to 80 at the start of February 2021.