There were a number of shark sightings in the Balearics this summer. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


It appears to have happened all around the world, shark sightings rose this year.
And, as a result an exhaustive study of media reports of shark sightings in the Balearics and the rest of the Mediterranean was carried out by and the conclusion, according to experts, is that the Mediterranean is safe of sharks despite recent appearances.

In the report, it highlighted that this summer, sharks made quite a few appearances across the globe, making tourists become more cautious when they went for a swim.

With several appearances being recorded, experts said that there is not much to be worried about, as there is more risk of dying while taking a selfie than it is to be eaten by a shark.
There were several sights of sharks in many popular destinations this summer, with the first one being recorded on June 15 in Aquamarina Beach in Orihuela Costa in the south of Alicante, Spain, reported.

Minorca was where the second shark appearance was recorded this summer, while there were a number in Mallorcan waters as well as Ibiza and Formentera.

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Reports of shark appearances were also made in Portugal, Greece, and Croatia; however, the most severe shark attacks were reported in Egypt, where a 24-year-old Russian national lost his life after being attacked by the sea creature in June.

Three months later, a woman lost her arm due to a shark attack. Last year, two women lost their lives in a shark attack on the coast of Hurghada.

Due to the geographical proximity, it is understandable for tourists to be alerted that sharks can be found in Mediterranean waters, but as Alex Buttigieg, a researcher from Malta said, humans are not on the shark’s menu!

Shark appearances in the Mediterranean Sea might have become more frequent, but, in general, the number of attacks has been low.

Chrisos Taklis, a marine biologist and conservationist, said that no fatal shark attacks have been reported in this region in the past years and that the Mediterranean is one of the safest destinations regarding shark encounters worldwide.