The courthouse in Inca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The ‘attack’ by rats on communication cables has left the Inca courthouse and neighbouring buildings without internet, according to judicial sources.

Security guards have been complaining for some time that they have been hearing the rodents scurrying around the false ceilings of the courthouse and the civil registry office.

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The technicians investigated the origin of the computer failure and discovered that a rat had stripped some of the cables.
It is a difficult access point and it is not easy to solve the problem, so the courts have been without internet connection for days.

Neighbours have complained that in some streets of Inca the presence of rats “is scary” and that the rodent population has multiplied for some time now.
“They come out at night and there are many in the sewers and at the rubbish collection points,” said a shopkeeper.

The technicians are confident that the situation will be resolved in the next few hours and that the courts will be able to resume normal activity. In any case, they warn that if the rats continue to swarm around the building without any problems, it is only a matter of time before they attack the cables again.