Briton Jon Chambers in Palma hospital today. | JC


Jon Chambers, who has finally settled down in Palma having emerged safely from a career, or rather two, of hard knocks as a professional cyclist and motorcyclist, is in a serious condition after having been involved in an accident while cycling a few days ago in a Palma hospital.

The lawyer handling the case told the Bulletin today that the police are investigating the accident which occurred while Jon was out training on his bike and was involved in a collision with a van.

The police and insurance companies are trying to establish who was to blame.

In the mean time, Jon is being treated for multiple injuries in a private clinic in Palma.
Jon told the Bulletin that he was just two minutes from his Palma home when the accident happened.

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“I was dropping through Coll d’en Rabassa towards Molinar and then I woke up in an ambulance - can’t remember (what happened).

Apparently witness statements say a van driver didn’t look swerved across the road into oncoming traffic and me to park up.
He didn’t see me
Wiped out

Gone to the fairy for about 10 mins.
Woke up 2 mins from hospital,” he said via WhatsApp from his hospital bed.

With the cycling season in Mallorca about to start and a surge in vehicles on the roads expected during this early Easter, his message is for everyone, cyclists and drivers to keep their eyes on the road and to take care.

“Lots of broken bones but nothing that I am not use to,” he added.