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The picture of the kidnap posted by Hamas on social media. Alma is in blue.

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Mallorca based American Jew’s aunt kidnapped by Hamas

“We, the family, has had no contact with my aunt since and we have a deep feeling of sadness and depression but we must maintain hope that she and all of the hostages will be returned safely."

Humphrey Carter13/10/2023 10:42


Spain playing with tourists

Spain has played its first card by laying the Balearics on the table but this is no game.

Humphrey Carter12/06/2020 00:10

Palma Tourism


Spain is the UK’s favourite destination despite Brexit uncertainty

Simon Manley, the British ambassador to Spain, acknowledged yesterday that Brexit has created uncertainty among expatriate residents.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/07/2017 00:00



28 million tourists have come to Spain so far this year

Spain’s important tourism industry has returned better than expected figures so far in 2017 as holidaymakers appeared to have rediscovered the country’s attractions amid turmoil and safety concerns in other once-popular destinations, statistics compiled by an industry monitoring agency revealed yesterday.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/07/2017 00:00

British expatriates have some major concerns.

European Union

Cameron’s EU referendum unsettles some British expatriates in the Spanish sun

"What would happen to a lot of people like myself who haven’t got a home in England?"

Sarah Young13/10/2015 00:00