The National Police are handling the investigation. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Last Friday, the National Police arrested two young men who kidnapped a couple in Palma and took them to Sineu demanding jewellery.
The arrested men forced the man and the woman into a van.
Once they reached their destination, they tied them up and gagged them before assaulting them.

The victims suffered various injuries. The woman required stitches as a result of the cuts inflicted by the attackers, who are accused of crimes of kidnapping, injury, threats, road safety and drug trafficking. The aim of the assailants, according to a press release from the Police Headquarters today ( Monday), was to recover a collection of jewellery that the victims had allegedly stolen.

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The now detainees demanded the return of these effects in order to release them.
One of the victims contacted the National Police by telephone.
The kidnapped man convinced the two criminals to take him to his aunt’s house to collect some cash.

The four went to the house in the van and allowed one of he victims to go in while they held his partner - threatening to kill her.
The victim took advantage and called the National Police and ask for help.
Police patrols were immediately on the scene but the van sped off, however the police managed to intercept the kidnappers and they were arrested.

The officers found that the driver of the vehicle did not have a licence.
The victims were taken to hospital and subsequently taken to police headquarters where officers from the Judicial Police Brigade took their statements.
The suspects appeared in the courts this Monday morning and were ordered to be remanded in custody after taking their statements.
The investigation is still open.