The Local Police were called to the scene. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Palma Local Police of have arrested a 45-year-old British man for allegedly attacking two workers at a restaurant in Genova.
The events occurred last Saturday around 21.00 hours when a British tourist tried to enter the restaurant, under the influence of alcoholic and with an aggressive attitude, according to the police in a press release.

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The restaurant manager refused him entry and the Briton started shoving the manager and threw a punch, which he managed to dodge.
When the manager invite him to leave again, the Briton ignored him and punched him in the face and apparently pinned him to the floor.

At this point an off-duty officer entered the restaurant and upon seeing the situation identified himself and broke up the scuffle.
The policeman, together with another customer, managed to reduce the man until the local police arrived and arrested the tourist.