The Mallorca Files is back!


The secret is finally out! The third series of The Mallorca Files will be screened on Amazon starting on August 8. The hugely successful detective series was filmed on the island last summer and its small army of fans have been eagerly awaiting the launch date.

The previous two series had been screened on BBC1 but now the series heads to Amazon where it will have a worldwide audience. The Mallorca Files was created by Dan Sefton. It focuses on a Welsh detective, Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys), and a German detective, Max Winter (Looman), as they solve crimes on the island.

Filming on the second series was interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only six of the planned ten episodes were produced.

The Mallorca Files has enjoyed considerable success since it launched on BBC1 and the first two series were also shown on German, French and Spanish television. It has also helped promote the island with some fantastic scenery being shown in many of the episodes.

Elen Rhys said on Instagram shortly after the end of filming last year : "It's taken almost two weeks to find these words. The past five months have been beautifully brutal. Every scene, every day, endless line learning, in unbelievable heat. I gave it all I had and still it took more.

"Sometimes there is no work life balance and leaving my little heart in another country was without a doubt the most difficult part of it all. A choice I made and am grateful for but this weird and wonderful industry, at times, costs us greatly.

"To my Mallorca family. What we achieved in those five months was spectacular. The best work yet. WHAT A RIDE. The highest highs, the lowest lows. But we did it. Together. A team like no other, friendships that will run deep forever."

"Now it’s time to put it down. To breathe. The decompression is hard but holding fast to the memories and magical moments. This shell of a human is off to find herself again..."