The Mayor of Calvia with the British ambassador.


The British ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, toured some of Melia´s up-graded hotels in Palmanova and Magalluf as part of a farewell tour of the Balearics. He later held talks with the Mayor of Calvia Juan Antonio Amengual who gave his full backing to the Foreign Office prevention campaign, Stick With Your Mates.

On the tour of the Melia Hotels he was accompanied by the Chief Executive of the Melia Group, Gabriel Escarrer, and Consul General Lloyd Milen.

Melia said in a statement this afternoon: "Together with the significant private investment made (Meliá alone invested between 2011 and 2019 more than 200 million euros), both Magalluf and Palmanova have benefited from the collaboration with the British authorities through awareness campaigns and other actions implemented together with airlines and tour operators, as well as the strengthening of regulations and by-laws in the area thanks to the involvement of municipal and regional institutions."

According to Melia there has been a positive evolution in the profile of visitors, who are now mainly adult couples and families, who now represent 75 percent of the total, compared to 17 percent of young people.

Talks with Calvia council

Mayor of Calvià, Juan Antonio Amengual, and ambassador Hugh Elliott held a meeting this afternoon at the Calvià Town Hall to join forces and share impressions regarding the new tourist season in Magalluf. Both have agreed on the need to maintain efforts in safety and prevention to enjoy a
summer season without serious incidents amongst those who visit this area of the municipality.

After the meeting, the Mayor and Ambassador held a get-together with some of the business owners associations that work in the municipality. All of them join this year with the 'Stick with your Mates' campaign for responsible alcohol consumption, and in the desire to prevent accidents from occurring during nights out in Magalluf.

In this sense, leisure venues will hang the campaign posters promoted by the Embassy and the Town Hall in their establishments, while sharing many of these contents on their Social Media accounts.

Last year ended in Magalluf without any deaths due to falls from hotel or apartment balconies. The campaign that is now being resumed aims, in summary, to maintain this record amongst the thousands of young people who are already beginning to arrive at the Calvià resort.

Hugh Elliott, who leaves his post later this year, also held talks today with the leading local authorities and tomorrow morning he will be visiting the Bulletin offices in Palma.