A warm welcome for all. Photo credit. From our files.


There have been plenty of reports in the international media that tourists are no longer welcome in Mallorca and when they are arrive they will be met by demonstrators calling on them to go home. In the interest of balance and fairness I have tried to put the points in perspective.

1. Tourists not wanted: This is certainly not the case. Mallorca welcomes all tourists with open arms and wants them to enjoy their stay as much as possible. Nothing has changed, tourism is our main source of revenue.

2. Demonstrations against tourism. A series of protests are being planned against tourism but they are not against tourists but failed government policies which have seen the number of tourists coming to the island increase dramatically but at the same time the necessary facilities are not in place such as more roads etc.

3. Too many tourists. Like I say in point 2 there is a school of thought on the island that there are too many tourists at peak times but it is not the tourists who are being blamed but government policy from successive administrations. There is also a shortage of affordable housing with tourists and foreign resident being blamed, by some, for pushing up prices. This is a question of demand and supply but at the end of the day the majority of foreigners who do buy properties on Mallorca are spending in excessive of one million euros, far too expensive for the majority of local residents so non-Spaniards can't really be blamed for a lack of housing. It is the fault of successive governments who have failed to provide cheap housing for residents.

4. We don't want unruly tourists. Well of course and this is one of the reasons why various councils and the Balearic government have introduced restrictions on the sale of alcohol in some of the more popular resorts. These laws benefit all, residents and tourists alike, who want to enjoy the island rather than suffer the bad behaviour of a small minority of some of their counterparts.

5. Brits are no longer wanted. This is far from the case and the British are a key market not just for Mallorca but all the Balearics islands. Just last month the Calvia council (Magalluf, Palmanova, Santa Ponsa) staged the Saint George celebrations to thank English tourists for their support.

6. Are the protests at the tourist industry across the board. No, we are still talking about a relatively small percentage of the population. Most people realise that our main source of insome is from tourism and every tourists is needed and should be welcomed. There has been talk of protests against the tourism industry for many years.

7. Fewer tourists spending more. The dream of any holiday resort across the planet. Unfortunately this is no easy task.

8. Should we come on holiday to Mallorca? Yes of course, you will find a warm welcome for you in all the resorts across the island. Nothing has changed.

9. Too many cars on the road. Yes, there is gridlock on many key roads but this is as a direct result of a massive increase in car ownership among local residents. Rent-a-cars are being blamed by some but these claims do not really hold water because there is gridlock during the low season when there are fewer tourists.