Beautiful view of Fornalutx. The traffic control signs which have been put up this week. | MDB Digital


The restriction of traffic to Biniaraix, near Fornalutx, which is conceded one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca and Spain, came into effect. The measure was already in place during the weekends, but as of Monday a sign and multilingual information warned that only residents can access this small village by car.

The local police have explained that access is possible for all residents of Soller and Fornalutx, as Biniaraix is a transit zone for accessing the rural estates of Marroig and Barranc, ownership of which is shared by both municipalities. The aim is to prevent tourists and hikers from entering the area by car, causing traffic problems or clogging up the narrow streets with parked vehicles.

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According to the councillor for Governance, Carlos Darder, “on the first day of application, many residents of Biniaraix said that they noticed a drop in the intensity of traffic”. In the meantime, residents of Soller have demanded that action be taken to ease traffic congestion.

Soller councillor Carlos Darder insists: “We cannot sit idly by. We must remind other institutions that their obligation is to know and control the carrying capacity of roads and, if necessary, limit the number of vehicles arriving from outside the island.”

And the Balearic government has referred to the possibility of vehicle limits and so has the Council of Mallorca. Responsible for the island’s main roads, the councillor for mobility, Fernando Rubio, has said: “The Council is willing to take the brave and decisive measures that are necessary; we are open to any solution.”