Hundreds of airport workers have been left car-less after their vehicles were damaged in the freak storm which hit the airport on Tuesday. Rain water flooded into their cars, parked in the open air staff car park with many suffering considerable damage especially to their electric systems.

One airport worker said that almost half the staff at the airport had been left without a vehicle after near torrential rains left the water level in some parts of the airport at almost knee level. And it is not just airport staff. A large number of cabin crew also leave their vehicles at the airport. A nasty surprise awaits them when they fly home.

The insurance bill is set to be enormous. The clean-up operation is still underway at the airport and a small army of mechanics have set to work on the vehicles, trying to pump them clear of water and to establish the state of their engines and electrical systems.

Just why Palma airport was flooded in a matter of minutes is also being investigated and there are claims that the drainage system was not fit for purpose.

Pilots have said that they were unable to land in Palma because they couldn´t see the runway. The airport was closed for about an hour as a result of the storm.