Tourism protest to take to te streets of Palma again. | Pere Bota


Yesterday, after the third general open assembly in Santa Maria, the Plataforma Menys Turisme, Més vida (Movement for less tourism, more quality of life) and the organisations which are members announced on social media that the demonstration Canviem El Rumb: posem límits al turisme, (Change course: limit tourism) which will take place on Sunday July 21 at 19:00h at the Intermodal Station public transport station in Plaza de España, Palma.

The message is clear:
“It’s time to take to the streets, get organised and stand up for real change, to stop the impacts of the current tourism and economic model. We want a change of course to guarantee the rights of all people and the respect and protection of natural spaces, of our land and our villages.

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We demand measures that guarantee:
- Access to decent housing.
- An end to property speculation,
gentrification and neighbourhood
- Improving public services
- Decent and well-paid jobs, put an
end to precariousness
- The conservation and regeneration of natural areas
- Respect for our culture and our language
We will make our vision felt
everywhere. We must set limits to
tourism and work towards a fairer and
more sustainable socio-economic

We have 25 days ahead to spread the word, if you want to do your bit, share the poster on your social networks using the hashtags #CanviemElRumb #MenysTurismeMésVida and #PosemLímitsAlTurisme and tagging @contracimera.”