Tourists were targetted in yet another tourism protest in Barcelona. | Toni Albir


All is not well within the Spanish tourist industry as small protests against tourism continue across the country. In Mallorca two protests have already taken place and others are being planned. Today it was the turn of Barcelona.

Protesters targeted tourists with water guns in Barcelona as part of mass demonstrations over the number of visitors to the Spanish city. Weapons filled with water were fired at people who the protesters believed were visiting the city. Guests were also prevented from leaving their hotels when campaigners taped up exits. Thousands of people were said to have taken part in the rally against mass tourism - the Catalan capital received more than 12 million tourists in 2023 and expects more in 2024.

A protest is being planned in Mallorca for later this month to protest against mass tourism and the lack of affordable housing. Organisers have said that they are not opposed to tourism but they have underlined the fact that there are far too many tourists which is allegedly leading to overcrowding in some parts of the island.

The issue of overcrowding has led the Balearic government to call for a change in the so-called tourism model and the end of mass tourism. There is concern within the industry that the protests may be forcing tourists to turn their backs on Mallorca.

An announcement that restaurant takings fell by 20 percent in June has got the alarm bells ringing on the island. There are reports that some parts of the islands are quieter than usual.