Anti-tourism messages are being placed on doors and windows in the trendy Palma neighbourhood of Santa Catalina as the "small minority" keep up the pressure over mass tourism in Mallorca. This district of Palma is famous for its bars and restaurants and is home to a large number of foreign residents, mostly Swedish.

"Your are not welcome. Mass tourism expels neighbours from their homes, wastes necessary resources, eliminates neighbourhood culture, kills local commerce, increases prices only creates precarious work and destroys heritage. We are not your amusement park," says a message found on a door of a property owned by a Swede in Santa Catalina.

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There is a growing anti-mass tourism stance in Spain at the moment with protests taking place across the country. Two have already taken place in Mallorca with the first attracting thousands of people. It was called to protest at mass tourism and the lack of affordable housing.

In Barcelona on Monday tourists were sprayed with water in another demonstration calling for the end of mass tourism. There is growing concern that they could affect holiday bookings to Spain.

The Balearic government is looking at ways to curb the large number of tourists who visit the island every year.