At the International Golf Travel Market today. | Humphrey Carter


The International Golf Travel Market continued at Son Termes today and all of the stands from across the globe were a hive of activity.

Exhibitors from every corner of the world were busy networking all day, with countries like India, Australia, Thailand, Kenya, the Dominican Republic and Argentina attracting a great deal of interest - not to mention the British Isles and eastern European countries. Majorca’s golf courses were also attracting plenty of interest.

Golf experts explained to the Bulletin that not only are a whole new number of countries joining the golf circuit, such as Poland and Lithuania, there has also been a demographic shift in the market.

Golfers are now prepared to travel further afield to enjoy fresh experiences in these new destinations and the "couples" market is becoming a much bigger and fast growing market. This is being welcomed by the golf industry because these clients tend to spend more and explore their destinations, especially if it is their first time on a new course in a new country. So, the emerging golf markets are also helping to drive the overall golf tourism industry, with top-end clients with high-spending potential.