Etiqueta 'Gentrification'
Tolo Cursach, Antoni Bergas and Tolo Sbert.


Cursach, cockerels and foreigners: the week in Majorca

The startling story of the week was the arrest of Tolo Cursach. In Palma they were agonising over foreign property buyers and holiday rentals. The government made another announcement about Son Dureta. And animal-welfare stories concerned the Pollensa cockerel and the bull of Fornalutx.

Andrew Ede04/03/2017 00:00

It isn't only luxury properties which are attracting foreign buyer interest.


Palma's foreign population could reach 40% by 2030

The association Palma XXI has presented findings from its first study of "gentrification in Palma", which points to a substantial rise in the city's foreign population.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/02/2017 00:00