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Rosa Estarás, MEP for the Balearics

Rosa Estarás, MEP for the Balearics

Rosa Estarás, MEP for the Balearics.

Archive 11/05/2021

Rosa Estaras, Balearics MEP.


MEP attacks radicalism and anti-European sentiment

Rosa Estaras: "Common sense" is the way, not radicalism from which resentment arises that "builds nothing".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/02/2019 19:35

Balearics MEP Rosa Estaras.


"Brexit was based on fake news and nationalist populism"

Balearics MEP Rosa Estaras believes that Tuesday will be "one of the most important days in modern history for the United Kingdom".

Humphrey Carter12/01/2019 19:26

Balearic MEP Rosa Estaràs.


"The future is now in the hands of the UK, not Europe..."

Humphrey Carter talks to Balearic MEP Rosa Estaràs of the Partido Popular about Brexit and the future of Spanish politics.

Humphrey Carter13/08/2016 00:00

Former vice-president, Rosa Estaràs, appeared as a witness today.

Nóos trial

Matas wanted Nóos because of its links to the Royal Family

Estaràs told the Palma court today that contracting the Instituto Nóos was a "priority" as it would lead directly to projects linked to the Royal Family.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/03/2016 00:00