Rosa Estarás, MEP for the Balearics

Rosa Estarás, MEP for the Balearics.


Rosa Estarás, an MEP for the Balearics and a member of the Partido Popular, has accused Spain's foreign affairs ministry of abandoning its functions in harming Balearic tourism because the islands were not on the UK's list of "safe destinations". She has demanded that the Spanish government requests that the islands are classified separately.

The Spanish government, Estarás argues, should "require" the UK to assess data at regional level, "as it is clear that the cumulative incidence in the Balearics is lower than that of other destinations that the UK does recommend".

The MEP has also criticised the Balearic government for failing to promote the islands' interests with the Spanish government. This is despite the fact that the governments in Madrid and Palma are both led by the same party - PSOE.

The UK government's decision regarding tourist travel to Spain was "a blow". "Our interests are not being defended properly either by the Spanish government or by any ambassador. The inaction of the governments in Madrid and Palma means that the Balearic Islands are not on the list of safe destinations, which seriously harms tourism recovery."

It is "incredible", Estarás states, that against a background of the uncertainty of Brexit and of tourism recovery following the pandemic, the Spanish government "has been unable to appoint a Spanish ambassador to the UK since February".

The Balearic tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, insisted on Monday that the Spanish government is pressing London for separate treatment for the Balearics.


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alex / Hace 8 months

hear hear!


Majorca fan / Hace 8 months

Why is the green list such a problem to Majorca, Spain still blocks U.K. visitors to majorca until end of May. The date and conditions for Spain re allowing Brits into Majorca is not established clearly, the ministers of Spain talk about digital passes but what and where are they, still a figment fantasy in some European Commission mind, only a fool would commit to expense at risk of an increasingly unpredictable Spain and European Commission. according to a previous comments U.K. tourism money Is no more of a priority than that of Cameron.