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Wildfire burns on the island of Rhodes


Running in Rhodes

“In Mallorca, anyone who starts a fire, even if unintentionally, can end up with stiff fines and a prison term...”

Anna Nicholas27/07/2023 17:07

Autumn days in Majorca, but it'll still be getting dark early, despite the call for summertime to be retained.


Time, tourist tax and holiday prices: the week in Majorca

The Balearics didn't want to turn the clocks back, there were different estimates of tourist losses because of the tourist tax, the price of holidays was increasing, and there was good news about unemployment, though it was questionable how good that news really was.

Andrew Ede30/10/2016 00:00

The Balearic parliament wants more daylight in winter.


Parliament approves not turning the clocks back

The national ministry for industry, energy and tourism points out that the Balearics cannot unilaterally modify the time.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter25/10/2016 00:00