Warming has not been accelerating? | Jaume Morey

The University of the Balearic Islands' Laboratory on Climate Change has defined 2021 in the Balearics as "moderately hot" and "rather rainy".

This comes in a report on the climate in the Balearics. For the period 1973-2021, there was "linear climate change", based on recordings at the islands' three airports.

Compared to a 1981-2010 reference period, the average temperature in 2021 at the airports was high but lower than in 2020. The average was nevertheless 0.53C higher, a difference exceeded in seven years of the 1973-2021 series.

In other words. 2021 was the eighth warmest year. Meteorologist Agustí Jansà says that the temperature was clearly higher than in recent years but that "it doesn't stand out". The 2021 temperature was "just a little below" that which would be expected from linear climate change.

The report concludes that while warming has accelerated globally, it hasn't locally. For overlapping thirty-year periods from 1973, the trend was initially a rise of 0.5C or 0.6C. This then decreased significantly to 0.1C per decade.

As for rainfall, 2021 in the Balearics was wetter than normal, with few differences between islands. The total relative annual rainfall in 2021 was 121% in the Balearics as a whole - 128% in Minorca, 118% in Mallorca and 132% in Ibiza and Formentera.

The Standard Precipitation Index for 2021 at the three airports showed an increase, "but not an exaggerated one". The rises were by 0.7% at most. If the airports are representative of the individual islands, then rainfall was around normal.