Illetes - the sea will be the place to be this summer. | Javier Furones


Meteorological summer has started, and the Aemet met agency in the Balearics is forecasting that it will be hotter than usual.

The Aemet delegate in the Balearics, María José Guerrero, said on Wednesday that "the meteorological summer (June to August) is clearly expected to be much warmer than normal and with rainfall that will be below average".

The probability that the quarter will be warmer than normal is "very high, in the order of 70 per cent".

People in Mallorca should therefore be prepared for high temperatures during the day and for tropical and torrid nights - respectively, no lower than 20C and 25C.

She added that Mallorca has already exceeded 35C in the spring, a temperature ​​more typical of a "hot summer".