Sultry in Mallorca. | Joan Dols


On Tuesday, María José Guerrero of the Aemet met agency in the Balearics said that temperatures and humidity levels are unlikely to change over the next few days. With Pollensa having registered the highest temperature in Mallorca on Tuesday, 35C, the "thermal sensation" has been up to 40 degrees in northern areas - this is because of the humidity. "These are very high values ​​for this time of year and more typical of July and August."

Overnight from Monday to Tuesday, there were "torrid" conditions, meaning that temperatures didn't drop below 25C. In Capdepera, 26C was the minimum, while 25 was the minimum in other areas - Llucmajor, Palma and Portocolom.

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For the rest of the week and into Saturday, highs of 34 and 35 are forecast for the interior and the northeast. There could be some showers on Thursday, but Guerrero explained that there is no specific front and that the islands remain "under the influence of the warm Saharan air mass". On Saturday, she suggested, there is a greater probability of rain and thunderstorms.