It's going to very hot next week. | Ana Escobar


The first heat wave of the summer will hit the Balearics on Sunday and last until Wednesday June 28, with maximum temperatures that will exceed 40-42ºC in areas of the southwest quadrant and minimum temperatures that will also be very high, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) confirmed today.

The area most affected by the heat will be the southern half, especially the valley of the Guadiana, Guadalquivir and Tagus, with maximum temperatures that could exceed 40-42 degrees, and could also reach 38 ºC in much of the rest of the southern half, central area and Ebro valley, and 35 ºC in areas of the northern plateau.

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Over the next few days an anticyclonic situation will dominate with a generally stable atmosphere, favouring strong sunshine, in addition to the entry of a mass of very warm air from North Africa, “which has been causing an increase in temperatures on the mainland and the Balearics since yesterday,” according to a statement from the Aemet.

The situation will continue mainly until Monday, reaching temperatures well above normal for this time of year which will continue during the first half of next week.

As a result of the sweltering heat over the next few days, Aemet recommends that you carefully follow the instructions of the “National Plan of Preventive Actions for the effects of excess temperatures on health” on the website: