The Easter weather forecast for the Balearics is much better than in the UK. | Teresa Ayuga


It is going to be an unstable Easter Week this year in the Balearics, according to the spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearics, Bernat Amengual.
On Tuesday, skies will be overcast, which will increase the possibility of scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms.

The maximum temperatures will drop to between 16 and 19ºC, while the minimum temperatures will be between 12 and 15ºC.
The wind will blow from the west and southwest, with strong intervals. And warnings will be issued for heavy seas with waves of up to three metres.

Midweek, on Wednesday, the weather will continue to be very similar, with cloudy intervals and isolated showers, although these will take place, above all, during the early morning.
Maximum temperatures will rise slightly to between 17 and 20ºC and minimum temperatures will drop to between 7 and 10ºC.

On Maundy Thursday, however, the weather will improve and the skies will be slightly cloudy, with intervals of high clouds.
Temperatures will also rise noticeably, with minimum temperatures reaching 15ºC and maximum temperatures reaching 23ºC. The wind will blow from the southwest, with strong intervals.

This fine weather will continue on Good Friday. The minimum temperatures will drop to between 7 and 12ºC, but maximum temperatures will rise to 27ºC, an almost summer-like day, according to the Aemet. Looking ahead to the weekend, more light rain is forecast.