News of the day 3 November 2023
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Marga Prohens, president of the Balearics, with education minister Antoni Vera

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Balearics could be "pardoned" almost 1,000 million euros of debt

This arises from the agreement between PSOE and the ERC for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

Andrew Ede

Vehicles loaded with olives backed up on the road to la Tafona olive press in Caimari.

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The big Mallorca gold rush!

The price of olive oil has increased by about 75% since January 2021.

Humphrey Carter

The body has been found in Alucudia.

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Decomposing body found in Mallorca

The police are asking anyone with any information to come forward.

Humphrey Carter

Scene of an apartment fire in Palma, Mallorca

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One of two sisters dies following Palma apartment fire

The younger sister remains in a critical condition.

Andrew Ede

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Daily Horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you today: Friday, November 3

The day is optimal for handling business and financial matters as well as issues concerning our home and family

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Mark Reilly will be bringing The Essential Matt Bianco to Palma this weekend.


The forefathers of British fusion set to jazz up Mallorca

"That is what we’re going to be performing in Mallorca - some of our classic hits from over the years and some of our new tracks, it’s going to be a fun, swinging night full of jazz fusion,”

Humphrey Carter

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The MSC Fantasia is one of the ships visiting Palma today


Find out which ships are in port today

There are two MSC cruise ships scheduled to dock in the Port of Palma today

Cathy Caliz

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Highs in Mallorca on 3 November, 2023

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Saturday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Saturday, the fourth of November.

Andrew Ede

Sport / Real Mallorca
Mallorca easily beat CD Boiro 0-4.

Real Mallorca

One win in 11 games – a harsh reality for R.C.D. Mallorca

It’s vital we start stringing together a run of points to pull clear and spare local fans another nerve-shredding end of season scenario.

Monro Bryce

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