Andrew Valente
Andrew Valente

Andrew Valente has been a journalist since he left school at 18 in Glasgow where he was on the Scottish edition of the old Daily Herald. He came to Mallorca to work as a freelance correspondent for the London dailies and Sundays, using that as a stepping stone to a job in Fleet Street. But he got involved in the Bulletin and stayed on…and on…and on…and now Fleet Street doesn’t exist. He still reads the London dailies and Sundays.

The Restaurant Review

Good lasagna nowadays is so very hard to find

"An excellent lasagna at €7.70 is absolutely unheard of in my experience…"

Andrew Valente 12/03/2022 11:04


Moussaka - A difficult dish to find in your nearest eateries

What is the reason for the failure of almost all Greek restaurants in Mallorca?

Andrew Valente 10/03/2022 11:03


Coming on holiday to the island in April? We have a treat in store

Each sliced vegetable is sautéed separately and then layered in a round or rectangular dish

Andrew ValenteAndrew Ede 09/03/2022 11:05


Carrots - Give the Mallorcan purple variety a go

Trendy cooks in large European cities have discovered this Mallorcan purple carrot in recent years.

Andrew Valente 09/03/2022 10:07

The Restaurant Review

Can Torrat: 40 years on top of a chargrill

Thumbs up or Thumbs down? What does our critic have to say about this Mallorcan chargrill style restaurant?

Andrew Valente 06/03/2022 09:18


Cuttlefish - This cephalopod has just come into season in Puerto Alcudia

Between March and the end of May in Mallorca, cuttlefish (sepia) are in season off the coast of Alcudia.

Andrew Valente 02/03/2022 16:13


Oyster and chips - it’s a deluxe little starter

"My main job is to find interesting places with dishes most of us can afford."

Andrew Valente 26/02/2022 11:37


Sardines - One of the week’s best fish bargains

Take a look at where our food expert finds the best deals on Mallorca.

Andrew Valente 24/02/2022 11:42


Black Olives - This year’s is a good one

The panssides olives are so delicious that many people eat them as a snack with nothing but sliced bread.

Andrew Valente 23/02/2022 11:15


Two fresh pastas at really great prices

Thumbs up or Thumbs down? Why was our Bulletin critic so impressed?

Andrew Valente 19/02/2022 11:06


Fish bargains - Small fish (and biggish ones) that make a great eating

Do you know where to find the best deals? - Andrew Valente tells us how to get the most for your money

Andrew Valente 17/02/2022 11:53


Hot chillis - Get a nice touch of spicy heat

When buying at the supermarket, you can always tell which are the picante ones — they are tied with red string.

Andrew Valente 16/02/2022 11:44


A scrummy pasta called Rafa Nadal

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Are you all set for Rafa Nadal's dish of the day?

Andrew Valente 12/02/2022 11:36


Cauliflower - At €1 a time, it’s a real veggie bargain at some supermarkets

Don't make the big mistake that professionals and amateurs make when cooking cauliflower.

Andrew Valente 10/02/2022 12:26


Go nuts - For a healthy lifestyle

Why are nuts so convenient as a diet supplement?

Andrew Valente 09/02/2022 10:02

The Restaurant Review

One dish spot on, the other not quite right

"There were a couple of hiccups in a recent meal, one of them quite unnecessary"

Andrew Valente 05/02/2022 11:21


Torta del Casar - This unique Spanish cheese will be the star of any anniversary meal

Why is one of Spain’s most magnificent cheeses so little known in Spain and the rest of the world?

Andrew Valente 03/02/2022 10:14