Andrew Valente
Andrew Valente

Andrew Valente has been a journalist since he left school at 18 in Glasgow where he was on the Scottish edition of the old Daily Herald. He came to Mallorca to work as a freelance correspondent for the London dailies and Sundays, using that as a stepping stone to a job in Fleet Street. But he got involved in the Bulletin and stayed on…and on…and on…and now Fleet Street doesn’t exist. He still reads the London dailies and Sundays.

Food and drink

The pros and cons of liking spicy food

There’s a chemical in hot peppers that activates nerves on the tongue.

Andrew Valente 19/05/2022 16:26

Food and drink

Siduri in Palma: a mise en place for the table

This week our Bulletin Restaurant Critic visited one of Palma's most bistro-ike places.

Andrew Valente 17/05/2022 14:08

Food and drink

Mallorcan requesón for delicious cakes and tarts

The beauty of locally made cheesecake is that the main ingredient will always be requesón.

Andrew Valente 13/05/2022 14:45

Food and drink

Can Nofre: When nostalgia is served on a plate

For those who are fond of Mallorcan cooking, a visit to Can Nofre is always a huge delight. Find out what was the verdict in this week's restaurant review.

Andrew Valente 09/05/2022 10:15

Food and drink

Great local cooking, superb French tarts

This week our Bulletin restaurant critic visits a Celler in Santa Maria del Cami.

Andrew Valente 06/05/2022 11:12

The Restaurant Review

What happens when the bosses are away?

This week's Restaurant Review: I thought it wouldn’t be fair to judge Sa Goleta when its captain wasn’t on the bridge and keeping the ship on course.

Andrew Valente 23/04/2022 09:30

Food & Wine

Verdejo - a white that is very dry and crisp

I last tasted Rueda reds some 20 years ago and I remember them as being fruity and interesting.

Andrew Valente 21/04/2022 16:05

Food for Thought

Lamb: My longest ever Easter (and post-Easter) season of eating our most versatile meat

This year there seemed to be more Mallorcan lamb than usual (it is always a good buy) and I was eating it on several successive days…but not as a roast.

Andrew Valente 20/04/2022 14:12

Restaurant Review

Gyosas: always a very good bet

This week our Bulletin restaurant critic visits one of Mallorca’s best Japanese restaurants in Palma. Find out what the verdict was.

Andrew Valente 16/04/2022 09:30


Leg of Lamb: This joint will always give us a happy Easter

Mallorcans are particularly fond of lamb and you find it in all kinds of local dishes.

Andrew Valente 13/04/2022 15:46

Restaurant Review

Top chargrillers can also do fish

The fact is that I seldom find a restaurant cook who does chargrilled fish of any kind — it’s just too risky and few even give it a thought.

Andrew Valente 09/04/2022 10:52


Potatoes we could live on them for months

Rule number one when cooking with potatoes is obvious: choose the variety most suited to the dish you are making.

Andrew Valente 07/04/2022 14:35


Paella - 3 Spain’s famous mixed paella shouldn’t work but it does — and so beautifully

Andrew Valente gives us some general guidelines andf tips and a recipe to make a great paella.

Andrew Valente 06/04/2022 11:24


Easter pies - Mallorca’s pastry treats at this time of the year can be delicious

Mallorca’s Easter pies and other pastries are unusual in that they are savoury as well as sweet.

Andrew Valente 31/03/2022 10:26

Restaurant review

Lovely menu with many memories and surprises

Thumbs up or thumbs down? How does this "menú del día" compare to others?

Andrew Valente 26/03/2022 11:27


Paella Spain’s most travelled regional dish is back in the news again

What are the 10 essential ingredients of an authentic Valencian paella?

Andrew Valente 23/03/2022 10:20

Restaurant review

When frito mallorquín tastes very mallorquín

The frito mallorquín made by Mari Carmen Serrano was in the true Mallorcan style...

Andrew Valente 19/03/2022 12:12