News of the day 19 May 2023
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Man pushing a baby in Palma, Mallorca

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138,000 euros - the price of a failed vasectomy

The doctor told the husband that "this is what insurance is for".

Andrew Ede

Work in Plaça Espanya in Palma, Mallorca

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Town hall attacked for covering 16th century wall remains

An architect says that part of the wall was "destroyed" by the contractor.

Andrew Ede

General view of the Hotel Formentor

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Formentor - emblematic, but of what?

Emblematic landscape and infrastructure from the 1920s still obviously exist, but they've become emblematic of other things.

Andrew Ede

Don't wear headphones when cycling.

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Cyclists now facing fines in Mallorca

Strict law was introduced for safety reasons.

Humphrey Carter

Excursions boat which sank in Mallorca

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Excursions boat sinks in Puerto Alcudia

Jumbo II hasn't been used for some considerable time.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Es Trenc beach.


Tourists don't like it - The dead seagrass of Mallorca's beaches

Except for possible “management reasons”, dry remains cannot be removed “under any circumstances”.

Andrew Ede

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.


Racism in the UK - A different time and a very different place!

I really do not need to be lectured by some middle-class, entitled, Oxbridge student as to Britain’s inherent racist attitude to minorities in this country

Frank Leavers

Tourists from all over the world visit Palma Cathedral.


Massifying the tourist numbers

Tourism discourse based on numbers that are either alarming or beneficial but are instead facile and simplistic.

Andrew Ede

Tourists on the beach in Calvia


Record season in Mallorca

“Record holiday season? I have my doubts. I hope I am wrong but at the moment it appears very quiet”

Jason Moore

Elections in Spain 2023


I want a vote too, Starmer

While Labour is planning to give millions of EU citizens the right to vote in general elections, what about Brits in Spain?

Humphrey Carter

News / Celebs
Jade Jagger and her boyfriend arriving at the court in Ibiza this morning.


Police Union taking action against Mick Jagger’s daughter

“Assaulting the police is no longer going to be free.”

Humphrey Carter

Jeff Bezos' Koru in full sail


Bezos yacht delivers under sail

The yacht has sailed around the Balearic waters this week.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Jade Jagger leaving court in Ibiza this afternoon.


Jade Jagger convicted of assault, grievous bodily harm and serious resisting arrest in Ibiza

It is understood that things kicked off when the restaurant refused to serve the couple any more alcohol.

Humphrey Carter

Holiday / Lifestyle
A relaxing glass of wine in Puerto Soller.


Life is busy in Soller as they move on from one tradition to another

The port of Soller is now preparing for the half termers and families who will spend holidays with us in the next two weeks.

Shirley Roberts

MALLORCA. SENDERISMO. RUTAS DE AQUI. Es Castellots. Dos pequeños colosos de Escorca.


The romantic days of the mountain excursion

“...the fundamental purpose of hiking is to get to fully know the land where you were born and where you live.”

Andrew Ede


The flying princess

Meet Sofia Alixandra, the aerial acrobatic “Princess” in Son Amar’s 2023 show Ohalá.

Vicki McLeod


What is it like to do an internship with Save the Med Foundation?

Intern Sterenn Le Calvez from France shares her experience.

Save The Med

Dani Rotstein has set up Jewish Majorca tours in Palma with his wife Carla.


The American who is helping to lift the lid off the Jewish history of Mallorca

“When I landed in Mallorca, I thought I’d be the only Jew on the island. I knew nothing about the island. I guess Mallorca being an island and after 400 years of the Inquisition I just didn’t expect to find many Jews, if any.”

Humphrey Carter

Holiday / Airport
Security at Palma Airport, Mallorca


"Illegal" agreement cuts conflict at Palma Airport

The agreement between taxi and minibus drivers violates current regulations.

Andrew Ede

Ryanair has launched a petition demanding more action from Europe's leaders.


European airlines call on Brussels to prevent further strike disruption

Flight from the UK to the Balearics will be hit by French air traffic control strikes.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporterHumphrey CarterReuters

Holiday / Travelling
Arvia is the newest of P&O's Excellence-class cruise ships


Find out which ships are in port today

P&O's Arvia is one of the three cruise ships visiting Palma today

Cathy Caliz

Holiday / Attractions
What to do on a rainy day in Mallorca


What to do on a rainy day in Mallorca

Stuck because of the weather? See below for some water free activities!

Ashlee Caliz

Weather / Latest news
Rainfall for Mallorca for Friday, May 19

Latest news

Saturday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Saturday, May 20.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Sport / Real Mallorca
Mallorca's Mexican coach Javier Aguirre.

Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca coach Aguirre set to sign new deal

In bunker Son Moix this season we’ve beaten Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Almeria, Valladolid, Celta and Cadiz.

Monro Bryce

Food and drink / Food and drink

Food and drink

Eating Out in Mallorca: Arlequín – Palma Old Town

Innovative food in a fun, stylish setting full of surprises.

Mia Naprta

Food and drink

Crumbs! You’re not just saving money, it’s also better cooking

The ‘barras’ sold at most supermarket are great when they come out of the oven, but even two or three hours later they need a touch of the toaster to revive them.

Andrew Valente

Food and drink

Eat the seasons with Fresh Apricots

I often find that fresh Apricots can be improved with a little cooking...

Marc Fosh

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