Pleased to see you... | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Live TV is always full of surprises. During a live broacast on TV news from Palma airport about the easter getaway on Friday, a huge penis slipped into the middle of the live broadcast from Mallorca.

From Palma airport, veteran journalist Lluís Mestres was reporting on the large number of tourists expected to arrive on the island this easter. However, while he was talking about the 50,000 flights that the airport expects to handle, an unsual piece of hand luggage on the left of the screen surprised the audience.

A female tourist passed behind the journalist carrying a huge penis. The scene went viral on social media and Lluís Mestres joked about it. It is clear that after two years of restrictions, there is a desire to have a good time.

If it came in from the UK, did it have its passport stamped and I wonder what customs thought.