Protest on Friday. | Pere Bota


The Spanish association of air transport users, businesses and professionals (Asetra) is demanding that the Spanish government regulates in order to make it impossible to call strikes on specific dates, such as those for Ryanair cabin crew which "affect the general interest and tourism in particular".

The association believes that it is a "nonsense" that unions specified industrial action between June 24 and July 2, "causing irreparable damage to the users, the ultimate victims of this type of strike".

While accepting that the unions - Sitcpla and USO - have legitimate demands, Asetra criticises "the use of hostages - passengers - for this type of labour conflict" that generates losses for Ryanair and "damages the image of the air transport sector".

By contrast, the association points to criteria used by the Sepla pilots union when calling strikes "on unspecified dates, thus guaranteeing the labour rights of pilots, but without causing damage to users who are entitled to their holidays".

Hoteliers and other tourism businesses in Mallorca and the Balearics are calling on the relevant authorities take note of what has been happening this summer. There is tourism reactivation following the pandemic, but there have been numerous labour conflicts in sectors crucial for the tourism activity.

On Friday, four easyJet flights in Palma flights were cancelled and 21 were delayed. There were delays to 36 Ryanair flights.