you can’t go wrong if you stick to the current rules around liquids and laptops when preparing your hand luggage | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


British are about to enjoy another Bank Holiday and half-term with Mallorca and the Balearics a popular destination.

However this being a year of lots of changes to travel rules and regulations, ABTA – The Travel Association is reminding half-term holidaymakers to stick to the current rules for liquids and laptops when preparing their hand luggage for airport security this week.

ABTA’s advice is intended to help avoid any potential delays and confusion at airport security this half-term caused by the delayed rollout of next generation security scanners.
The new scanners, when fully introduced, will end the 100ml liquid rule and allow electronic devices (laptops, tablets etc) to remain in hand luggage when going through security.

However, many UK airports will not be fully up and running with the new scanners by 1 June 2024 – the Government’s original deadline.
Many overseas airports haven’t introduced the new technology yet either.

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With this in mind, ABTA says the simplest approach for all holidaymakers travelling this half-term is to follow the existing rules around liquids and electronic devices.

Existing rules:
Liquids can be no more than 100ml.
Liquids must be taken out of your bag when going through security, and put in a single, transparent, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag, with just one bag per person.
Electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets, are removed from hand luggage when you go through the security screening process.
ABTA is also advising travellers to look out for signage and guidance at the airport about the security rules in place.

ABTA Director of Public Affairs, Luke Petherbridge, said: “Half-term is a popular time for families to get away for some guaranteed sunshine, with European favourites such as Spain, Greece, Turkey and Portugal set to welcome significant numbers of visitors.
“To help everyone enjoy a stress-free experience this half-term, our message is simple – you can’t go wrong if you stick to the current rules around liquids and laptops when preparing your hand luggage.

“The new airport scanners will make things faster and strengthen security once they’re fully implemented, while we have this period whereby airports are still working to implement the changes, the best thing to do is travel as if nothing has changed.”

Further advice on airport security and the new scanners is available on ABTA’s website at