New tactics adopted by holiday makers in the rush for sunbeds. | Mirror

The battle for sunbeds appears to be getting out of control in Mallorca this summer with holiday makers adopting new tactics to try and skirt the hotel rules and regulations.
In Camp de Mar, Mallorca, some hotels are reportedly keeping their pools closed until later in the morning to ward off early risers.

But, cunning guests have already found a way around this rule - by placing their towels on the floor at the entrance to the pool.
Photos supplied by hotel guests to the Mirror show beach bags and towels placed in an orderly queue leading to the closed pool so hotel guests can secure their sunbed as soon as it opens.

Holiday maker Geoff told the Mirror: “In an effort to control the sunbed madness, the door from the hotel to the pool was locked until 8am.

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“So people were lining up their towels on the floor in a queue by the door before it opened. I should add that it wasn’t young people, but mostly middle-aged and older people”.

Discussing the behaviour of other guests at a four-star hotel in Camp de Mar, he said: “The line of towels actually went back much further (than the photo shows) and the owners were sitting on the sofas just out of sight, ready to fly outside when the door was unlocked.

“I don’t know what time they started, but we got up at 6.30 one morning to have breakfast before an excursion, and there was already a queue of towels at the door. Crazy behaviour!’”