Dear Sir,
Now that the season is in full swing, yet again in Santa Ponsa, and I’m sure in other resorts, we are subjected to hordes of young people congregating at particular areas in the early morning, when the clubs turn out.

These are not people who are enjoying themselves – most of them are too drunk or stoned to know where they are – but one thing is for sure,  they are extremely threatening in their sheer numbers (can be a couple of hundred) and the fact that they are all carrying bottles (are these not classed as lethal weapons?).

Sunday morning at 06.15, my husband was driving down Ramon de Moncada and was surrounded by about 30 people, all banging and kicking his vehicle, to the chant of “Celtic” –I’m quite sure every Celtic player and true supporter, would not support this behaviour. Even the taxi drivers would not attempt to pass through them and warned by husband not to go forward but, unfortunately, he had to be somewhere and had no choice.

Where is the police presence at that time in the morning? Why are there shops allowed to be open at that time in the morning, selling bottles and cans? Why is the behaviour of these people allowed to continue, giving Santa Ponsa such a bad name?  It is the same every year and yet nothing gets done about it and slowly but surely, Santa Ponsa is becoming a no-go area for decent people.
D Shiels
Santa Ponsa