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Tuesday, 13 August

21.30: screening of the horror film It (USA - 2017) directed by Andy Muschietti; In Spanish with English subtitles. Parc de la Mar. Free. Not for children under 16 years of age.

Alaro, Sant Roc. 22.00: Cultural night with dance and words. Finca Sa Vinya.

Caimari, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 22.00: Children's festival; 24.00: The soapy pine. Plaça Major.

Cala d'Or, Santa Maria del Mar. 18.00: Artisan market. Plaça Costa. 21.30: Concert - Adagio Band of Music. Plaça Eivissa.

Cala Ratjada, Sant Roc. 18.00: Water party; 20.00: Foam party. Plaça Pins.

Can Picafort, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 12.00: Aquagym. Son Bauló beach. 19.30: "Jewel" races (ages two to sixteen); 22.00: Fashion parade. Plaça Cervantes.

Montuiri, Sant Bartomeu. 20.30: Fashion show. Plaça Major.

Porreres, Sant Roc. 17.00: Children's water party; 18.00: Zumba; 20.30: Charity pa amb oli and jazz bands (seven euros); 22.00: Bingo. Escola Nova courtyard.

Puigpunyent, Mare de Déu d'Agost/Sant Roc. 19.30: Tortilla/pastries contest; 21.30: Trempó Majorcan salad. Sports centre.

Sant Llorenç, Sant Llorenç. 16.00: Sa Granotada - alternative fiesta based on mythical king and queen frogs; party with DJs at the football ground car park from 18.00. 22.30: La Movida Band and DJs - '80s party. Plaça Ajuntament.

S'Illot. 17.00: Children's games. Cami de la Mar. 21.15: Lanterns procession. From the Riuet bridge.

Fiestas in S'Illot

Andratx. 22.00: Aprojove Classic. Son Mas. Five euros.

Paguera. 21.30: Six Tenors. Auditorium, C. Pins. 12-22 euros.

Sa Pobla. 22.30: Sa Pobla Jazz Festival - Glissando Big Band (eighteen-piece Majorcan band). Plaça Major. Free.

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Wednesday, 14 August

Palma. 21.30: Woodstock - Three Days of Peace and Music; English with Castellano subtitles. Parc de la Mar. Free.


Alaro, Sant Roc. 21.00: Concert - Orféo d'Alaro choir. At the church. 22.30: Night party - Orquestra Yesterday, La Canción del Verano, DJ. Plaça Vila.

Caimari, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 10.30: Water games. Municipal pool. 21.30: Open-air dinner; 23.30: Music from Los Xilvars; 01.00: Beach party. Plaça Major.

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Cala d'Or, Santa Maria del Mar. 18.00: Artisan market. Plaça Costa. 22.30: Night party - Orquestra Galatzó, Ves-Hi Tú, DJ. Plaça Costa.

Cala Ratjada, Sant Roc. 21.00: Concert - Barbara Femenias (soprano), Maria Antonia Gomis (piano). Tickets from tourist information offices. Cap Vermell Centre, C. Agulla 50.

Cala Sant Vicenç. 18.00: Children's workshop. Cala Molins. 18.00: Nit de l'Art - paintings, music, photography, etc. plus food trucks. By the old church.

Campos, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 16.30: Xifon Fest. Gathering by the town hall. Street procession and at 18.00, Sa Xifonada with soapy pole and tug o' war. Football ground. 22.00: Concert - Los Javaloyas and DJ. Plaça Can Pere Ignasi. 23.30: Moonlight party with DJs. Plaça de Sa Creu.

Can Picafort, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 20.00: Flower Kids - flower power disco for children; 22.00: Canpicafornia - Flower Power Party with DJs. Plaça Cervantes.

Montuiri, Sant Bartomeu. 11.00: Ringing of bells and raising of banners. 21.00: Opening address. At the church. 22.00: Supper (registrations by Monday); 23.00: Playback. Plaça Major.

Porreres, Sant Roc. 17.00: Children's Zumba. Plaça Vila. 19.30: Concert - Kambrass Quintet. Auditorium. Free. 20.30: Swing with Wacky Tobacco. Avda. Bisbe Campins. 23.30: Night party - Anegats, Onion Rabbits and others. Parc de n'Hereveta.

Puigpunyent, Mare de Déu d'Agost/Sant Roc. 18.00: Chess / children's workshop. Plaça Ajuntament. 23.00: Night party - Trio Lluna Plena, Disccovers, Madona and DJ. Plaça Ajuntament.

Sant Llorenç, Sant Llorenç. 18.30: Children's races; 19.30: Children's entertainment with Mel i Sucre. Plaça Església. 22.00: Night party - Orquestra Oasis, Horris Kamoi, Los Grillos, Islanders and DJ. Plaça Ajuntament.

Sencelles, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 18.30: Concert - Algaida Band of Music, Unió Musical de Petra; 19.00: Tribute to senior citizens. Plaça Vila. 23.00: FIREWORKS. Sports centre. 23.30: Night party - 4L, Enrockats and others. Plaça Nova.

S'Illot. 18.30: Judo. Plaça Mollet. 21.00: Prawns; Havaneres songs from Arpellots. Avda. Pins.

Sineu, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 19.30: Pipers procession. 24.00: FIREWORKS. Camp d'en Pineta. 00.20: Night party - Orquestra Cabana, Without String, Ses Bubotes, DJ. Plaça Fossar.


Palma. 22.00: Ara Malikian - Royal Garage World Tour. Son Fusteret, Cami Vell Bunyola. From 48 euros. THIS CONCERT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

Pollensa. 22.00: Josep Colom (piano) - Tribute to Miquel Capllonch (Pollensa composer and pianist); Capllonch, Bach, Chopin. Sant Domingo Cloister, C. Guillem Cifre de Colonya. 20-25 euros.

Port Adriano. 22.00: Nena. From 27.50 euros.

Concert in Port Adriano

Puerto Portals. 18.00-24.00: The Sunset Market - at 21.00, DJ with swing music.

Sa Pobla. 20.30: Off Festival - Omar Lanuti and Gori Matas. Plaça Major. Free.

Soller. 21.00: Nou Romancer (Majorcan folk). Escolapies Chapel courtyard. C. Batac. 12 euros.

Valldemossa. 21.00: Mary Lambourne - Majorcan singer. Fundació Coll Bardolet, Via Blanquerna. 12-15 euros.