How many of you have experienced a growing interest for plants and gardening during this home confinement? Our team sure has - and we are not alone!The current crisis has increased reflection about the value of shortening the distribution line between production and consumption of our food and drinks and supporting local communities in times of hardship. Shorter distribution lines don’t only support the community. They also help reduce pollution caused by transportation and unnecessary packaging.

To facilitate for people to buy local, recently we published a document named “Compra Local” (Buy local) on our website, listing local food and drink providers from each of the Balearic Islands along with their contact info. But it doesn’t stop there!

Given the spike in interest for gardening and own food production we have also developed a list of local providers of gardening supplies all around Majorca, now downloadable from our website.

Whether you are growing herbs and plants in your apartment or on your balcony, have your own finca, access to an urban garden or are co-creating a community garden, this document will help you find what you need near your home! Visit https://www.savethemed.org/en/buy-local/ to download the documents!

We are still looking for providers in Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera and are grateful for suggestions! Please send any information you might have to tupa@savethemed.org so that we can expand the document.

Save The Med Kid’s Corner

Download the ‘Marine Species of Sa Dragonera’ Memory Game!

The marine habitats surrounding the little island Sa Dragonera are a lively place with a lot of different species. A variety of ecosystems and high biodiversity are some of the reasons for why this area has been legally protected.

Now you can explore the marine life of this area and train your memory with a DIY activity that allows you to make your own Sa Dragonera Memory Game! Download the template from our website. Go to the NEWS section and scroll a little bit down.

All the photos used in the game were taken by participants of the 2019 PhotoCollab in the Marine Protected Area of Sa Dragonera and have since then contributed to the creation of a series of awareness exhibitions, educational workshops, resources and games!

We’d like to thank the photographers for donating their images and Marilles Foundation for their financial support towards the project “Discover Your MPA - Sa Dragonera”.

Download Save The Med's colouring booklet

With the help of our talented volunteers we have created a marine inspired colouring booklet for everyone who is missing the sea right now! A project made possible thanks to the time and talent of two illustrators and ocean lovers, Leti Lope and Beatriz Colom, who have made these spectacular drawings and donated them to Save the Med to help bring the sea a little closer to all of us!

Visit our website to download and print the booklet named "Colours Of The Mediterranean" (Go to the NEWS section and scroll a little bit down.) Share your creative work with us by sending us your photos or tagging us in them!