La base waiting to open. | Rachel Fox


In this past week Soller families have set off for family day trips. Picnics and sun cream aboard and the furthest reaches of the island the destination. For my family that meant a spot on Muro beach and their favourite location on all those miles of sand. The experience was very different to any of the times before. The beach was there in all its glory with a little wind whipping up gentle waves. The beach bar was in a state of dereliction and none of the hotels were open. Parking was easy, the beach in all its solitude was there, it was just perfect.

Puerto Soller sunset drinks took our fancy a couple of times last week. One, never to be forgotten occasion, was when I went with friends to the left hand lighthouse of the Puerto Soller. We joined a small group who were there for the occasion. Camper van, table, chairs, food and guitars. We watched a glorious sunset to the accompaniment of a Spanish guitar and a rendition of ‘House of the rising sun’. A wonderful spontaneous gathering and a beautiful act of nature.

The Puerto Soller opens a new café or restaurant most days. A local trade of course, not many trippers during the week. There was a movement against opening anything till July but it is too tempting to see people around while your door remains resolutely closed. Brand new arrivals in the Port include the Aires de Japon opening their second Japanese restaurant of the Valley in the Port.

The big excitement is the opening of La Base on Thursday 4th June. This is the Pop Up in the Marina which is hugely popular. A bar, food vans, live music and you have a Soller Valley party. Plenty of space for social distancing and outdoor food vans a great way to eat out. This has been the best news of the week and we all say ‘just bring it on’.

To pay for all this entertainment requires jobs and this week the Bikini Beach Hotel announced its intention to open on 4th July. This is news because the rumours were that it would join the Jumeirah in not opening for this season at all. All change now and the Bikini will have a season after all to the delight of all their staff and suppliers.

Many people contact sollerweb daily to check on the likelihood of their holidays taking place. We can only pass on the information we have at the time which is constantly changing. It is great to keep in touch with those following our lives here and engaging with lockdown ‘Majorca style’.

Jumeirah and Bikini Mountain Beach Hotels... won’t they , will they?

A stolen mobile phone caused much grief to a granddaughter visiting Palma this week. So much information and memories stored on the phone which is now in the possession of another. The police advice is that petty theft has seen a dramatic increase since people have come out after lockdown restrictions were lifted. Some have no money and are looking for ways to get cash. Our family have learnt this week that mobile phones are currency in hard times so keep them out of sight.

Parking and roads in Soller and the Puerto are on the agenda this week. We have enjoyed no charges for the past 10 weeks on the meters. From yesterday the staff are back on duty and they will be after every penny they can earn for the Town Hall. The ORA on the blue parking lines is back in place and the beginning of normal starts.

Sunsets awaiting us all...

Since the lockdown many have got their bikes out for exercise. Lots of locals are using two wheels to get around and they all have same complaints. The state of Soller roads is just third world. Potholes, bits missing and wonky levels do not make cycling very safe at all. This is another of the issues that the people will be calling the Town Hall to account for.

The Food Bank of Soller is continuing its great work. Local donations from our shops turn up to the store and many local helpers are there to unload in a human chain. Such fantastic work here from donations to volunteers. Over 1100 families are supported plus the people that use the Social Dining Room. Life is very tough for many people. I really am not sure who will have the money to use the parking meters right now…