Snow on the mountains. | Rachel Fox


This is the first Spotlight of the New Year and how exciting is that? Never has there been such a desire for a fresh start in a New Year. History will tell us we learned much in 2020 but right now we want to write a different story on the blank page of 2021.

Rebellion was in the air in Soller as the Town Hall desperately tried to look as though they were in charge of something. They haven’t had a good time lately when all their grandiose plans hit the dust because historical debts were called in. So, like all power groups they had to find a story somewhere which showed them in a good light. So the war of the Christmas Lights was declared.

You may remember that in the latest Lockdown rules life on the streets and in many shops had to end by 8 pm for the ‘moral’ curfew. The Balearic President issued and edict which said that Christmas lights in the street had to be switched off at 8 pm too. ‘Oh no they don’t’ said the the Town Hall. “Look behind you” we’ve switched them back on again. So if you are in our world between 8 pm and 10 pm you can continue to enjoy the festive lights. All thanks to the town Hall intervention…

The restrictions on the café society life we enjoy is just dire. The current rules say open till 6 pm, 25% capacity of terraces can be used and, by the way, have a wonderful time! Most people are retiring to the ‘speak easy’ they call their sitting room and balcony. Many of the cafes are locking the doors and saying see you in the Spring. Really who can blame them when it cost more to open than they can earn.

The Kings arrive tonight and we are hoping for another fly past. The fabulous fly past display by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve is still being talked about, it was just lovely. Who knows, the inventiveness of local Soller Dad’s, are capable of so much.

Rainbow seen from Soller

However the presents get here, local families and children regard this day as important as Christmas Day is to British people.
No serious sales start in the shops until after this date because it is a great full price money spinner. This year the effort to get a present to every child has taken the collective work of many. Charities and organisations have risen to the challenge of making sure the Kings do not forget anyone this year.

After the Bank holiday tomorrow thoughts turn to the return to school and life picking up again. The newest normal still sees people going to work and children going to school.
The large shops being closed at weekends takes some getting used to.
The 8 pm moral curfew is being observed by most, particularly as there is nowhere to go and nothing to do!

Some of us, involved directly or indirectly in the tourist business and noticed an uptick of interest. On Sollerweb we are being asked about holiday for the school summer break. July to September 2021 is receiving some attention from those desperate to get back here with their families.

This is the traditional time of year when family holidays are discussed and that tallies with our experience right now.

Great excitement in the Soller Valley as the new buses and timetables start. Those familiar with the Oyster Card payment system in the UK need to get their heads round the Majorcan version. It’s cards which will be key on the new buses. This involves taken your bits of paper to HQ at the station in Palma and sitting in that ubiquitous queue to get the card. Once you have the travel card it is all wonderful as you can top up the cash on line and at many outlets. Good luck with that job and my tip is to get your take away coffee before you join the queue.

Happy New Year is the repeated message of the past few days and we really can’t stop saying it. We really do want a great New Year for ourselves and everyone we know. The wishes might be words but they are genuinely felt.