A good drenching. | Rachel Fox


Twenty covid infections from a shared hostel facility in Soller. Two in hospital and a big lockdown for all their contacts. This was very bad news this week and worrying for many in our town who have family living there. This was news we didn’t want to hear. This, together with the slow role out of the vaccines, has made many people jumpy. Everyone wants to feel our leaders are looking after us but many are struggling.

The ‘coffee on the go’ world is developing and my Flamingo one cup flask has now been copied by many. I think we’ll call it the ‘Flamingo Coffee Club (virtual)’. I have found all sorts of places to drink my coffee in isolation while observing a beautiful view of the sea. I sat near the fishing boats one day with a little pork pie picnic. Another day I was on the seaside terrace of the Citric hotel with my ham roll. Such an eclectic cuisine but it hits the spot especially with a good coffee.

The weather is worth a mention because the island is still clearing up. The mighty winds whipped the sea and brought down trees galore. Buses skidded over the road and cars were crushed. The usually benign weather likes to teach us who is boss, that’s for sure.

It is business as usual now the holidays are finally over. The corporations were seen in Soller this week. A large American one is viewing the Muleta lands by the lighthouse at the Repic end of Puerto Soller. Many will remember the past angst and court cases about this land. We all felt that the conclusion, that no more building would be allowed in this rustic area, was the end of the matter. Not so it would seem, a land grab is underway by those who will buy and then bide their time, to see if the planning laws are eventually relaxed. They are prepared to play the long game and obviously have the money to do that. Interesting games being played and nothing is as it seems.

Port view

The Botanical Gardens of Soller changed management this week. A new era begins for this important institution in our midst. The Botanical Garden Foundation - Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences has appointed a new manager this week. Aina Ferrero began work in the management of the institution. This is to continue the project of unification of the two entities which began two years ago with the modification of their statutes.

She says ‘The main task is to make both the Botanical Garden and the Museum go hand in hand in a joint project of research, conservation and dissemination of the natural sciences, obviously respecting the differences and particularities of each of the two sections. As for specific projects, the idea is to be able to define them in the coming weeks and months, after being able to analyze and diagnose the situation of the foundation’. She has an exciting time ahead and everyone is delighted that the future looks secure.

Change is all around and positive vibes are present but to be surrounded by the suffering of so many, both in health and finances is tricky. We needed to laugh, be absurd and glory in nature to move this oppression off our Solleric shoulders this week.

We had the opportunity to move into another zone last Saturday which helped us. Mandeep Singh is a face in these parts as he and his family run a much loved Indian restaurant in Soller. Mandeep got married in the Punjab to the lovely Rupindar. We were all invited but found it just a little complicated to accept the kind invitation. So courtesy of utube live stream we all went to the wedding. Some of us managed to stay with the five-hour stream. It was somehow magical to cross continents and be able to see it all. Technology has its critics but this was a glorious example of the good.

Coffee on the go
Life goes on in the Soller Valley in all the ways that life does. Illness, work, weddings and day to day routines happen for us all.