Snowy peaks. | Rachel Fox


There is no group of business people that have ever had to make the decisions that have become necessary in 2021.

The local papers tell us of Puerto Soller Hotels opening this week and of all the work going on behind the scenes to make this happen.

Then we hear that 9 new cases of Covid are reported in Soller. None hospitalised but in isolation at home. The restaurants already open and able to work till 5 pm are frustrated.

So difficult to make staffing decisions without an evening service to depend on. They are operating half staff with the rest still on ERTE.

The bigger picture is one of optimism by the politicians but extreme nervousness of the public as they read about fourth waves at our borders with France and Germany.

In the Balearics we have the worst vaccination rate in Spain, I read today.

Most people are now just throwing up their hands in horror because we know without vaccination we have no summer in Mallorca in 2021.

The argument for sharing vaccines is raising its head again because what is the point if the UK are all vaccinated?

They still won’t be able to travel to those of us who haven’t because our limits on travel will still be in place. The technicalities get more difficult every day.

In our Soller world the future is still being planned for with an Easter concert on Monday 29th March at 6 pm in St Bartholomew’s Church.

The Orange Fiesta is being planned for May when low key local events will take place followed by the Orange menus at participating restaurants.

The day trip including the train, tram and menu needs clarifying for this event. The last we heard the train is not due back on line until June.

Every week we hear of a grant for this or that and how this is going to miraculously benefit our town.

We all still wait for the evidence with road surfacing being the one that causes most complaints. To be a fine resort area like the soller Valley and still have third world roads is a mystery to us all.

A very exciting event happened in Soller on Sunday in our football world.

Andratx, leader of subgroup A of the Third Division, arrived at the Camp den Maiol for the match which meant the return of the public to the municipal Soller football pitch.

A total of 400 people were able to come and be the spectators.

What a great event for all concerned. Soller has missed being able to support its team and everyone was glad that the rain stopped for this highly awaited occasion.

Crumbly road...

The little bits of normal are wonderful to help us believe that life will go on and we will all get to do the things we enjoy again.

The imminent arrival of an extra daylight hour to do them in also changes the dynamics here.

We have all got so used to being home for the moral curfew of 8 pm that as the clocks go forward this weekend it will change our mindset.

No-one here really believes that bars will be open for longer till after Easter so the extra daylight hour will be used to get out and walk or hang out by the beach with a flask.

We have all got so inventive now that the cafes will have to be inventive to tempt us back to them to spend money.

Picnics and not taking any cash out with us has become the behaviour of many.

Easter observances and the food treats of the season are all around us now. Lamb empanadas are a favourite of mine and the Rubiols are in all the traditional bakeries.

Sweet or savoury pasties filled with Jam, cottage cheese, chocolate cream and pumpkin jam are traditions which never fade.

The chocolate Easter eggs and the Lindt bunnies are the new additions but most Sollerics head for the Rubiols.

Traditions, especially in times of trouble are a great comfort. Many of the churches are expecting the faithful to attend an Easter Service.

For many this will mean attending for the first time in a year. The elderly have been very protected by their families.

Their usual routines of attending the Third Age Clubs and Church Services have come to a halt. Churches are now allowed a 50 % capacity and they are hoping that Easter will begin the slow return to worship.