Blue skies in the Port. | Rachel Fox

Spring cleaning is the name of the game in Soller this week. Some are preparing for Easter visitors and others have seen the cobwebs when the sun shines through the house. Cleaning is an emotive issue and discussions reveal we all have our little ways. Some employ cleaners to give the house a blitz and then get into a summer routine of cleaning as they can around their work schedules. Others have routines which are broken every time the sun shines and the outside world seems more inviting. The ideal scenario is to have enough cash to employ someone to do it for you. These workers are increasingly like gold dust now the hotels are all open and hiring until at least October. The ‘must have’ gadget for those with money is the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Have you seen this in action? This is the big brother to the Robot Lawn Mower which is equally fascinating. Technology and computer chips work here with both machines and make the work look so effortless.

Settling in Soller

Some of the houses are now on the Estate Agents websites and ready for the huge number of house purchasers said to be coming our way. Sellers have made some decisions this winter and sales are happening every week. A few celebrities are buying in the Soller Valley this month so we will see a few photographers around looking for the information. Those in the know say nothing and we hope the new arrivals just settle in and live their best lives like the rest of us. Soller is full of village house exteriors and state of the art 2022 interiors. A huge amount of work has gone on to bring the kitchens up to date. Heated swimming pools are definitely around this year. Many want to stop their pools being an ornament for nine months of the year. A lot of talk about pool design and usability in the chatter this week.

Not quite yet

The decision on when to take the duvet to the cleaners is on our minds now. Rachel, who takes the pictures for this page, has a laundry in Soller. Most of the Soller Valley duvets find their way to her in April each year. I’m still holding on to mine, as it has been unseasonably cold, but I know in the next two weeks it will be time to chuck it off.

The children in our local schools are wrapping themselves round the warm radiators. The windows are wide open because of the Covid rules so they get instant heat where they can. The Easter holidays start this week and then on the return to school the weather should be warm enough not to need the heat. Windows will be a delight to be open and fresh air enjoyed. That is of course until it gets too hot and then the air con becomes a decision.

Cleaning and sprucing up our world is on the Town Hall’s list as well and the workers are out with their street cleaning and washing equipment. The month of April is certainly a busy one for us all.

Easter in the Valley

The Easter programme for the Soller Valley is very traditional. The Parades of the Penitents are scheduled from Maundy Thursday to Saturday in the evenings. The silent parades and different colours of the robes are very moving to watch. This is the first time in three years we have had full parades and there is much excitement in Town for a return to normal. On Sunday we have a wonderful enactment at 9.30 am for the Resurrection. This takes place in Soller square and is attended and brings to an end the traditions of Easter for the Soller Valley. After the solemnity and soul searching comes the eating and meeting up with family and friends. We are all hoping that after our run of poor weather that Easter will be sunny and glorious.

We hope to see you soon!

Clean houses, clean streets and religious observations are in the Soller world this week. We wish every kind reader a happy Easter. To those visiting us here in the Valley we hope that your holidays have been wonderful and that you will come back and see us again very soon.