The pool in Soller is now open! | ARCHIVO


As we watched the Bollywood film set roll into Soller last week it was easy to see why they were there. The Square itself is a self-contained space with 5 exits. So easy to bring characters in from on space and out from another. I often think that Soller Square is a film set with people using the exits for their story of the day. One route takes you down the Lluna to the shopping street. Another takes you to the Post Office and the School, the third takes you down to the Market place and so it goes on. Every exit leads somewhere which is significant in the life of the Solleric.

While we were watching the day’s action, friends came down all those paths, to watch. Many of them are in the film business and were enjoying all the problems being someone else’s. The Bollywood production team had a huge number of staff and this was the biggest surprise to the professional watchers. This was fine entertainment for anyone happening to be in Soller Square on the day. The trippers heading for the museum seemed rather bemused to have to cross a film set to get to their destination.

Many Soller friends are returning from trips to the UK and beyond. There has been a flurry over the past few weeks of those anxious to travel. Even the stories of airport mayhem are not putting them off. The stories gathering momentum now are all to do with the direct flights from Mallorca to New York. Every other person I meet is talking about the convenience of this journey. We already have visitors who have arrived that way. Our news, is local Soller people trying to use the service before they stop for the season. There is every hope that if the popularity continues the timetable will be extended.

We are in the middle of the ‘swift’ season in our Valley. These busy birds swoop and fly around us from May to September. Little swifts are hatched before they make their 9000 km journey back to Africa for the winter. They are remarkable little birds and a sure sign that summer is here. Nature reminds us how remarkable these happenings are and how lucky we are to watch their antics every evening.

The Soller Valley is swinging into summer and relearning what it used to do effortlessly two years ago. Two years of Covid has brought lots of new staff on the scene and some habits have changed for the holidaymaker. The learning curve is now clear and some of the early problems have gone. We are all settling down to a busy, productive summer with very happy visitors loving all that the Soller Valley provides in abundance.

Soller’s outdoor pool has just opened and that is very important for local people and visitors who use it as their beach club. The most spectacular mountains surround the pool and make it a unique experience. One more great facility in our world for 2022...