Route 221 is our walking path of the Tramuntana mountains. In certain places it links to what was the postal route of olden days. Cobbled mountain tracks where the postman used to travel on his bike to deliver the mail. We have such a part of the route between Deia and Soller and it takes us to our destination today.

I am conscious on this walk that there are alternatives, so all the family can join at a great meeting place. For families of walkers this is a well loved walk from Soller to Deia following the signs and loving the views. For family members with dodgy knees they can drive off the road for a short distance and find the car park for Son Mico. There they can join their team for the piece de resistance – the cakes.

Inés and Isabelle Coll, in their mountain world of the Son Mico Finca serve a variety of some of the best homemade cakes and quiches in Mallorca, all made with French butter. They are located in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains right on the hiking route GR-221 from Sóller to Deia. This typical Finca has been in the Coll family for generations.

Our walk, following the signs, took us into the heart of the mountains where sheep and donkeys reign. The odd goat and chickens looked at us disinterestedly as we passed by. We eagerly anticipated our stop and meet up with friends who had driven to meet us for cake. Son Mico did not disappoint and had all the quirkiness we expected. An old Finca, French influences evident in the baking and a world away from anything else. Just us and cakes on top of the mountain. All surreal as what we were eating would have graced the finest patisserie in Paris.

Freshly squeezed orange juice, homemade lemonade, tarts, cakes and quiche all made right here in the mountains. This is a stop known and loved by thousands of walkers every year. Son Mico is open for the main walking seasons i.e February to June and September to November, every day from 9am to 5pm. The chillier winter months often find the walkers inside, in front of the roaring fire. Summer is always in the garden appreciating the flowers and the breath-taking views of the sea and the mountains.

This is a place once found, returned to again and again. To walk or drive is a pleasure and makes for great meet ups with the old and the young. Afternoon tea excellence in the Tramuntana is Ines and Isabelles gift to our Valley.