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Tourists jetting off to Spain and the Balearics next year countries will be required to apply for a new travel pass. In theory, Britons may be enjoying their last summer holidays in Mallorca without applying for the new travel authorisation called ETIAS - an abbreviation of European Travel Information and Authorization System. The rules of travel in Europe are changing in 2024 as ETIAS will be the entry requirement for 30 countries. That means people with citizenship from countries including Britain, United States, and Australia will be required to apply for the seven euro pass before embarking on their travels.

ETIAS is a travel authorisation set to begin in 2024 in 30 European countries. It will be valid for three years or until your passport expires - whichever comes first.

With the travel pass linked to your passport, UK nationals will be permitted to travel in the ETIAs countries for up to 90 days within a 180 day period.

The EU website warns travellers they will be refused entry at the border if their passport is not valid for three months after your intended departure from ETIAS countries.

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Applications will be available online on the official ETIAS website and through a mobile app when the pass comes into effect. The pass will cost €7.

Travel documents: How to apply

To apply, you will need a valid travel document to which a visa may be affixed.

Your travel document should not expire in less than three months and it should not be older than 10 years. If your document expires sooner, check here to know how it affects your travel.

A travel document which does not comply with international standards may be rejected during the application process. It may also pose problems when a carrier verifies your travel authorisation prior to boarding.

For more information check the European Union website: