The Balearic authorities at the World Travel Market in London. | Enrique Fueris

A Tourist, a Friend is an age-old promotional phrase for Mallorca but it is making a comeback at the World Travel Market fair in London.

The new regional authorities are concerned at the anti-tourism messages of recent years and they are doing their best to underline the fact that as long as tourists behave they are more than welcome to share the joys of Mallorca.

Just twelve months ago a senior official from the previous administration got into hot water when she allegedly told a British national newspaper that boozy and badly behaved Brits would no longer be tolerated.

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A year is a long time in politics and this year there is a new message, come to Mallorca, you are more than welcome.

Plenty of work has been done behind the scenes with the new local authorities being in close contact with the UK travel trade but they don’t really have to do too much work, Mallorca sells itself.

The only thing that the local authorities have to do is make tourists feel welcome, a tourist a friend!
The new message is working, Mallorca is on course for another record season next year.

There is always the threat of Turkey but Mallorca can take delight in the fact that it is more popular.