It has been just over a year since I wrote my first restaurant recommendation for the Mallorca Bulletin and what a journey it has been! I feel privileged to have been able to recommend over 50 good, great and incredible places so far. Selecting just one restaurant in each of the following categories has been challenging, but also a lot of fun. Whether you live in Mallorca, or are just visiting, I hope that you try at least some of them.

A Mallorcan food restaurant: Es Verger, Alaró

Tucked away in the hills of Alaró, Es Verger is not just another dining spot, but an authentic Balearic experience. Famous for its wood-fired, slow-cooked lamb, the ambiance is simple and rustic, just like in any typical Mallorcan village. The best way to enjoy Es Verger is after a hike to a nearby castle, tired, hungry, but mesmerised by the scenery. This place is a must-visit for anyone seeking an experience, not just a meal!

A steak restaurant: Franzette, Cala Mayor

If you go head to Joan Miró Foundation or Marivent Gardens, make sure you stop by Franzette. Better known for some incredibly good oysters and other delicacies influenced by French, Scandinavian and Mallorcan flavours, it is here that I have had the best steak on the island ever! It was the most tender aged beef filet with bearnaise sauce - egg yolks and butter cut through with vinegar flavoured with tarragon, shallots, and black pepper. Heavenly!

A vegetarian/ vegan restaurant: Ca n'Ela, Borne

Venturing into the vegan scene, I discovered Ca n'Ela, a cozy gem near the Cathedral offering four-course meals under 20 euros. The menu spanned refreshing juices to hearty bulgur dishes, but it was the melt-in-your-mouth carrot cake that stole the show. With its intimate atmosphere and personalized service from owner Ela, this eatery proves that vegan cuisine can be both satisfying and budget-friendly. A must-try for vegans and sceptics alike!

A seafood restaurant: Es Raor, Sant Elm

One of my most unforgettable restaurant experiences was at Es Raor in Sant Elm, where the most western table on Mallorca offers front-row views of Sa Dragonera island. From exotic Ortiguillas de mar to the namesake "es raor" fish, each dish was a culinary revelation. The favourite? Mussels in secret "Clar" sauce - beer based and to die for! Exceptional hospitality from co-owner Pedro Clar capped off that first dining experience that resulted in numerous repeat visits.

A Paella restaurant: Arroceria Xaloc, Sa Ràpita

This category was a tough one. There are several great places for paella - or more precisely “arroz” here in Mallorca - including El Bungalow, Can Gavella and arroces made by Santi Taura. However, two local friends (and their dad!) convinced me that Arroceria Xaloc should be visited by any serious rice lover, as Pedro Garcias makes “the best rice on the island”. If you are ever in the south east of Mallorca, try it and let me know if you agree!

An Italian restaurant: Sandro's

At Sandro in Palma, casual meets elegance, attracting both Hollywood stars and even the Spanish King Felipe VI. The menu, inspired by Puglia, Italy, boasts intense flavours - from spicy olives to rich rigatoni. The highlight for me was the creamiest, tastiest tiramisu ever. Owner Sandro's personalized service adds a cozy touch to this unpretentious spot, making it an irresistible dining destination.

A British roast dinner restaurant: Market Kitchen, Santa Catalina

At Market Kitchen in Palma's Santa Catalina, British culinary charm meets Mallorcan flair. Owned by award-winning chef Rob Kirby and his wife Amber, the restaurant exudes familial warmth and cheeky humour. The couple and their staff make guests feel like long-time friends. The Sirloin beef is a standout for me here, but you will not go wrong with any other choice either. I loved a tiny cube of a brownie served with my coffee. It´s details like these that win me over!

An English breakfast restaurant: Pablo's Family, Palmanova

Having lived in the UK for 20 years, I happily sign up to the tradition of having an English breakfast every once in a while. And that there's no better spot for it than Pablo's Family in Palmanova. The place is always busy and I love the banter of the staff (a Spaniard, a Chinese guy and a Polish lady) as much as I love their hearty food. Even some of my Spanish and Balkan friends are hooked!